Nora Johnson


Coast to Coast: A Family Romance
 When her father, Hollywood scriptwriter/producer/director Nunnally Johnson, and her mother Marion divorced, Nora came East with her mother to live in a brownstone on 62nd Street, Manhattan. This memoir is about her summers in Hollywood – visiting the set, meeting stars - and her life in the East among Marion’s recherché literary friends.

The Two of Us
This is about two sisters, identical in looks but in no other way, struggle to inhabit the world together..

Tender Offer
  The story of the fall of a rich girl, a contemporary House of Mirth.

Selected Works

Coast to Coast: A Family Romance
       “…a lovely, piercing book…that provides the reader with a twinkling portrait of Hollywood and New York in the 1940’s and 50’s”
-Michiko Kakutani
The Two of Us
“Nora Johnson has revitalized the American novel. The Two of Us  is daring in concept, dazzling in execution, profound in theme. A triumph and a treasure."
-Garson Kanin
Tender Offer
“A smart and funny and tightrope combination of frolic and farce and sad and surgical insights into the world of rich WASPS.”
-Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

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